The most important activity for all humans is to get outside and move, eat healthy, and stay social in our communities. These activities represent the best and simplest way to improve and maintain your physical and mental health. As we age, these things become even more important. Over time, we naturally become less flexible, less fit, and more susceptible to illness. This is the way of life, but it is not something to fear. Instead, we can take charge of our lives and use this information to work with mother nature, instead of against her.

Thankfully, there are more ways than ever to ensure you stay happy, healthy, and fit as you age. One of the advantages of technology is all the different and new ways to exercise outdoors by yourself or with others. With warm weather now upon us, we will look at tips to get the most out of riding e-bikes for seniors this summer. Although these tips are relevant to everyone interested in getting the most out of their electric big wheel bike, they are mostly suited to seniors. The more you age, the more distinguished, sensible, and prudent you become. Therefore, you know that there is so much joy to be found in taking care of your body, mind, and spirit properly and why we at Himiway recommend bikes for seniors to achieve this healthy lifestyle.

Warm-up Exercise

You are likely extremely excited to jump on your e-bike and get started on your journey each day. However, as with most exercises, it is important to warm-up properly first. Not only will a warm-up allow you greater range of motion and comfort on your ride, but it will also help you avoid any injuries from overextending your body by accident during your ride. You might choose basic stretches, light cardio such as jumping jacks, or a short yoga routine as your warm-up. Whatever exercise option you choose, you’ll feel better as you hop on your e-bike and get moving.

Wear a Helmet

Not every state in the U.S. requires you wear a helmet while riding your big wheel e-bike. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to skip it. We recommend everyone wear a proper helmet during their ride for several reasons. First and foremost, you simply cannot plan for accidents. They occur at random times and for all sorts of reasons that may not even be your fault. Protect your most important investment – your brain! In the most recent study, researchers found a helmet provided 66-88% reduction in the risk of injury to the brain or head in a bicycle crash.

In addition to protection if an accident occurs, wearing a helmet may even help prevent one by making you more visible to motorists and other cyclists on the road, especially if there is a light or reflector on the helmet. Finally, if you are a senior, younger people will look to you as a model for their own behavior. Setting a good example for others will make you feel good about yourself knowing you are helping younger children and teens realize the importance of protecting themselves while riding.

Maintain Your E-Bike More Often

As with all bikes, one of the best tips to ensuring your e-bike remains in good condition for the longest time possible, is a proper maintenance routine. This includes lubricating your e-bike chain and cables, especially after your bike gets wet or has not been used for a while.

You will also want to monitor and may need to adjust the braking system of your e-bike. Because the brake system is an integral component of the bike and offers safety, you should check the brake pads before each ride to ensure they are within 2-3mm of the wheel. They may need to be adjusted to get the correct amount of force when applying pressure during braking.

Finally, always check your tire pressure before starting your ride. You do not want the pressure to be too low nor too high. Low pressure may damage your wheels and rims and high pressure may cause unnecessary stress on the tube and tire. Check the side of your tire for printed information that will tell you the optimal level of pressure (usually noted with PSI) for your tire and get a reliable tire pump.

If you have a Himiway bike, you already know you have one of the best bikes for seniors, so make sure it stays that way by properly caring for your favorite mode of transportation more often!

Pay Attention to Blind Spots

After you’ve warmed up, strapped on your favorite helmet, and done a short but comprehensive maintenance review of your bike, you’re ready to hit the road or trail. Once you are cruising at top speed, it can feel like you are all alone and free with the wind at your back and the empty road ahead of you. But don’t be so sure! Whenever you are passing someone, changing direction, or merging onto a path, always check your blind spots for cars or bicyclists that may be hidden from you. Even if you have a rearview mirror, you’ll still want to double check your surroundings as a best practice before making any sudden changes.

Bring Basic Maintenance Tools

Even with proper and proactive maintenance at home on a reliable e-bike brand, you never know when something unexpected may occur on your ride. Being outside presents all kinds of unique challenges which is part of the fun! Therefore, you should always carry a basic set of maintenance tools with you to handle any emergencies that life throws your way. Some great tools to have with you include an adjustable wrench, duct tape, extra cables (and wire cutter and wire tape), a mini air pump, and a plug adapter. You might also consider an affordable multi-tool so that you are well-equipped no matter what happens.

To recap, add a warm-up routine to each ride, wear a helmet, practice good e-bike maintenance often, watch out for blind spots while riding, and bring some basic maintenance tools for longer rides. Himiway bikes are designed for seniors to be comfortable, long lasting, and easy to use no matter the level of physical activity you are looking for on your ride. Now you have a comprehensive set of tips specifically tailored with the best e-bikes for seniors in mind. With these tips, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll be able to get outside, get moving, and be prepared for a wonderful day.