NEW: BC Cargo Ebike Rebates

Get up to $1700 cashback when you buy a Cargo Ebike in BC! We are proud to announce that Ebike Canada is an authorized retailer for the BC Cargo Ebike Rebate Program.

As reported on the Plug In BC website, the province of B.C. has recently announced new funding for e-bikes and cargo e-bikes. Here’s what you need to know:

Individuals can access rebates for e-bikes through BC SCRAP-IT, an organization that provides incentives for “scrapping” an old gas vehicle. With provincial CleanBC support, the rebate for e-bikes has been increased to $1,050. You can see details including participating e-bike retailers here:

Businesses and other organizations with fleets can access rebates for cargo e-bikes through the Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive, which we administer here at Plug In BC. Rebates up to $1,700 are available on eligible models. The SUVI program does not have rebates available for regular e-bikes or for individuals purchasing cargo e-bikes; however, it does offer rebates for electric motorcycles, including limited-speed electric motorcycles.

Beyond provincial programs, some local governments such as City of Nelson have their own e-bike initiatives; so check with your city or regional district for local rebates.

If you’re interested in signing up for this great program, and looking for the best possible Cargo Ebike you can buy in BC, the Aventon Abound is your answer.

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