BC Electric Bike Rebate program - Authorized Ebike Retailer

BC Electric Bike Rebate Program

We are proud to announce that Ebike Canada is officially an authorized retailer for the BC Ebike Rebate Program. An exciting new initiative intended to help make it easier for more British Columbia residents to choose riding an Ebike over other less eco friendly modes of transport.

For those of you who haven’t already heard, starting June 1, 2023, BC residents can get a rebate when they buy a new electric bike. By basing the rebate amount on income, we can make e-bikes a clean transportation choice that is more affordable and accessible for everyone. 

This program supports the Province’s CleanBC goals by encouraging a mode shift towards active transportation and public transit. E-bikes greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer a convenient alternative to replacing motor vehicle trips. E-bikes provide greater speed, convenience, and accessibility than non-assisted pedal bicycles.

How much do I qualify for?

The minimum purchase price for the e-bike is $2,000 before taxes.

Ebike Rebate Amounts

Ebike rebate amounts come in 3 tiers and vary based on income.

Here are the breakdowns that show what ebike rebate amount you would be eligable for based on your personal net annual income.

Net Income Range


Less Than $38,950$1,400
$38,951 to $51,130$1,000
$51,130 and over$350

How do I apply for The BC Ebike Rebate?

If you think you’re eligable for the BC ebike rebate program, just complete these 4 Easy Steps:

1. Apply

2. Get Approved

  • You will receive your approval email in about 2-3 business days

3. Buy Your Ebike

4. Claim Your Rebate

  • Have electronic copies of your complete claim documentation ready
  • Come back to our website to complete your claim.

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