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Supply Chain Delays On Some Ebike Models

Due to a combination of high demand and supply chain issues beyond our control, we are currently experiencing delays on some Aventon, Magicycle & Himiway ebike models. If you need your ebike to be shipped right away, please contact us before placing your order so we can confirm availability.

History & Values

Himiway was born to scale the summits where others fear to tread, so we can see further and go farther.

Despite more than 70% of riders are pursuing e-bikes that can go farther, most of the e-bikes on the market can only reach 30-40 miles.

Since the establishment in 2017, based on the feedback of over 50,000 users, Himiway has been continuously improving the range of e-bikes. On average, the range of Himiway e-bikes can reach 43% higher than other e-bikes on the market, up to 60-80 miles on a single charge.

Himiway's Vision

To provide the best outdoor cycling experience for riders all over the world.

To ensure premium product quality

superior customer satisfaction

and fulfill social responsibility.


To offer an environmental way for cycling enthusiasts and environmentalists to explore and enjoy a new lifestyle.


Himiway encourages people to explore the outdoor, embrace challenges, to be inspired by the wild inside of each individual.

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