A Cowboy Electric Bike

Brussels E-Bike Company – Cowboy – Now Selling In Italy, Spain, UK

Cowboy e-bikes, a Belgium based start up, has begun selling their e-bikes at a selection of outlet stores, including Decathlon, Fiets!, and Fnac.  It should be noted that up until now, the bikes had only been available to buy online.

The Cowboy bike is a Single speed bike – it has no gears, and no chain.  It uses a belt drive.

Some twenty stores will soon have the Cowboy bike on sale, with staff from the start-up sometimes being on the spot to provide customers with information. The bike will also be available on-line on the stores’ own websites.

Cowboy bikes are unique in a number of ways.  First off, their bike only comes in a single (frame) size.  This has proven to be an issue with shorter riders.

Secondly, the ebike requires you to use their app to work.  This is a very interesting feature, as it allows for a lot of “smart” features that aren’t generally found with standard e-bikes.  The downside is that you are dependent on the app and the app features to actually use the bike.

It should also be noted that the Cowboy E Bike is incredible to look at it.  It is engineered and designed to impress.  Add in it’s fully removable battery, built in SIM and GPS functionality, and more – The Cowboy is an e bike may be the e-bike for you.

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