The Aventon Soltera.2 Ebike Is Here: Feat Swift Mode, Torque Sensor & more

Aventon Soltera 2 Canada

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. Get into the groove with Soltera.2 and make moves on your daily commutes around the city. It’s the same lightweight frame you’ve come to love from its predecessor plus all-new tech and a torque sensor that will elevate the way you cut corners and breeze past traffic. Soltera.2 […]

Our Brand New Dedicated Aventon Canada Ebike Shop Is Now Open

Dedicated Aventon Canada Shop Now Open

With demand and appreciation for Aventon Ebikes in Canada growing by the day and showing no signs of letting up, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new dedicated Aventon Ebike Canada store. Our mission from the start has been to create and grow a dedicated space where you can find everything […]

Meet Abound: Aventon’s First Ever Cargo Ebike!

electric cargo bikes

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. Aventon is proud to present its first ever cargo ebike, Abound! This multipurpose freighter is the perfect companion to assist in doing the heavy lifting as you transport your goods wherever you go. Equipped with all-new features, including a torque sensor, Abound makes riding around town feel as […]

Revive Your Ebike for Spring: 7 Tips for Waking Your Ebike from Hibernation

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. It’s pedal season! You know what that means? It’s time to wake your ebikes from their winter slumbers and start rolling in the sunshine! Here’s 7 Aventon recommendations to look into before you start riding: 1. Ebike Tire Pressure and Condition2. Brake Check 1013. Test Derailleur4. Inspect Chain5. […]

Two Is Better Than One: Aventon’s New 2-Year Warranty

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. At Aventon, we hold ourselves to a high standard across the board, from the products we make to the safety of our riders. We value the work that we do, and we believe in the quality of our products. To prove it, we’re adding an additional year to […]

Ebike Batteries And Fire Safety: The Do’s And Don’t’s

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. In continuing our efforts to ensure and promote the safety of our riders, we at Aventon want to focus on a topic that’s been making headlines. In an ever-increasing ebike market it’s important to take note of companies who prioritize the quality of their components. Particularly when it […]

Taking Care of Your Ebike Battery: The Ultimate Guide

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. Maybe you’ve just purchased your very first electric bike and are looking for tips and tricks to keep it in tip-top shape. Maybe you’re a seasoned rider needing a refresher on ebike battery care best practices. Or, maybe you’re finding yourself somewhere in between the novice and seasoned […]

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