NEW: Enclosed Electric Mobility Scooter for Canadian Terrain & Weather

Chris proudly driving our new Cool eCar, the best Enclosed Electric Mobility Scooter Canada

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that our first ever Enclosed Electric Mobility Scooter Canada has arrived! Now available for test rides at our Delta Showroom in Vancouver. No driving license, registration or insurance needed That’s right, if you live in Canada you don’t need a driving license, registration or insurance to drive […]

5 Health Benefits of Cycling

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. Maybe you recently thought to yourself ‘Does biking help you lose weight?’ or ‘Is cycling good for weight loss?’ Or maybe a friend, family member, or colleague close to you has started bike riding for weight loss and they can’t stop beaming about how great they feel. Although […]

4 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are Great for Seniors

We are still live in the fear of Pandemic, a lot of seniors do not know what can they do to keep physical and mental health. Himiway understands it and would like to change the fear to hope by changing their lifestyle.

5 Tips for Seniors on Riding E-bikes

The most important activity for all humans is to get outside and move, eat healthy, and stay social in our communities. These activities represent the best and simplest way to improve and maintain your physical and mental health. As we age, these things become even more important. Over time, we naturally become less flexible, less […]

Biking vs. Running: Which is Better for Seniors?

ebike reviews canada

The debate has long existed about which activity is better for senior citizens: running or biking. After all, it is very important for seniors to establish quality exercise routines that are safe, healthy, and effective, helping them to live long and happy lives. Some seniors may ask, is cycling better than running? The reality is […]

10 Best Exercises for Seniors

As the pandemic scrolling around the world, people realized the importance of keeping healthy. It is the best period ever for most of us to get a healthier lifestyle…

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