Could an Ebike be the answer to your prayers?

This week we had the honour of a visit from seasoned bird watcher and photographer Bill Thomas. Bill wanted to know if he could find an ebike that would allow him and his giant camera to cruise silently into position to observe and photograph beautiful visiting birds. This photo shows Bill on his newly purchased […]

Why ENVO D35 is Among the Best eBikes in Canada

  Our friends at EbikeBC break down the many reasons why if you’re after the best Canadian e-bike at the best price, the Envo D35 is such a great investment. In our previous blog, our team introduced a scoring parameter template that encompassed 14 various categories that would assist our readers in comparing the different and best electric bike Canada. However, we […]

ENVO D35 Review By Legendary Canadian Bike Engineer Paul Brodie

  Next on the long list of reasons to be excited about our E-Bike Store Grand Opening next month, is the arrival of Envo’s D35. There’s so much incredible craftsmanship gone into creating this market leading E-Bike design one could easily write a short novel on it, but better than that we’ll hand you over to legendary […]

The ENVO ST Is Finally Here!

With less than a month to go until we open the doors of our new dedicated E-Bike store in Delta BC, there’s a lot of things we’re excited about right now. And right up there at the top are all the amazing Canadian designed e-bikes our new partners ENVO are about to deliver. This recent post […]

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