How To Choose A Bike Helmet

Feeling overwhelmed by the different types of bike helmets available? Have no idea how to use a bike helmet size chart? Read this blog post to get some answers!

4 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are Great for Seniors

We are still live in the fear of Pandemic, a lot of seniors do not know what can they do to keep physical and mental health. Himiway understands it and would like to change the fear to hope by changing their lifestyle.

Biking vs. Running: Which is Better for Seniors?

The debate has long existed about which activity is better for senior citizens: running or biking. After all, it is very important for seniors to establish quality exercise routines that are safe, healthy, and effective, helping them to live long and happy lives. Some seniors may ask, is cycling better than running? The reality is […]

10 Best Exercises for Seniors

As the pandemic scrolling around the world, people realized the importance of keeping healthy. It is the best period ever for most of us to get a healthier lifestyle…

Step-Through Electric Bikes Buying Guide For Seniors

With the rise of electric bicycles, more and more people choose this kind of environmentally friendly transportation, especially middle-aged and elderly people. Moreover, research shows that cycling can stimulate the brain. For adults over 50, electric bicycles may provide better …

How Science Is Proving The Health Benefits Of E-Bikes For Senior Citizens

Science shows that if we fail to keep our brain active, it’s power can dim as we get older. If left unchecked, this can also darken our sense of well-being. However, science also supports the view that there are two key ways to counteract this and brighten both our brain power and our sense of […]