Bike Safety Checks You Should Always Do

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. Who wants to be surprised by an unknown existing nail in their tire while already out on their bike ride? Definitely not us! That’s why it’s always a good idea to do a thorough bike inspection before you head out biking, regardless of if you’re a brand new […]

How To Repair Your Bike – Common Problems

Fixing an Electric Bike

Bike repairs are a must if you own a bike. A few repairs can be pricey and time-consuming, but not all problematic situations need a trip to the shop. Here are ten common bicycle issues that you can repair yourself with a few tools and some good know-how. 1. Fixing a flat tire. A flat […]

How To Perform Basic Cycling Maintenance

Fixing an Electric Bike

These tips require a few basic tools: An allen wrench set or multitool, A bike lube, A degreaser, Rags, Brushes. Basic cycle maintenance Keep your bike inside; avoid storing it outside. Rain, moisture, and dirt cause your parts to wear quicker and cost you more in repairs and service. Bicycles ridden in rain and/or off-road […]

How To Increase The Range Of Your E Bike

The Effect of Increasing Your Electric Bike Range

E-bike batteries are constantly being improved as new technology is developed, but it seems that no matter how far you can go, a little more e-bike range is always better. So how can you “supersize” your remaining e-bike battery charge and increase your e-bike range? Tip #1 – Pedal More! It’s no secret that your […]

How To Swap An E-Bike Connector

E-bike components such as throttles, motors and batteries always come with some form of plastic electrical connector at the end of the wire. These connectors plug in to the controller and make it easy to connect everything together. These connectors make it easy to remove a component and put another in its place. But recently […]

How To: Patch a Bike Tire

Step 1: Separate the flat inner tube from the tire. Step 2: Attach the tube to the bike pump. Step 3: Pump up the tire till it’s full. Step 4: Listen for the noise of air escaping of the tube. Bring it near to your ear to help. Step 5: Cover the hole with a […]