Citi Bike Brings Back E-Bikes To New York & San Francisco

E-bikes are back in New York and San Francisco

Last April, Citi Bike took thousands of e-bikes out of action due to the front brakes causing injuries due to a “harder than expected” braking force on the front wheel.

Well, Citi Bike claims to have fixed this issue and the bikes are now back in action in both New York and San Francisco.

Citi Bike now states that it has redesigned the bike brake setup and has also chosen a new battery supplier as well.

Starting this winter, hundreds of re-calibrated e-bikes will appear at docking stations all across New York and San Francisco.

Citi Bike removes flat fees

Not only has Citi Bike made changes to their brakes and battery suppliers – they have also changed their fee structure as well.  The $2 flat fee is now gone, and riders will now only be charged for the time they use the bike.

According to their website, “The new rate will be ten cents for each minute for annual members or a fifteen cents per minute charged for non-members.

For members charges will be capped at $2 for rides 45 minute or less beginning and/or ending outside Manhattan”.

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