Electric Bike Battery

E Bike Battery Care & Maintenance

Lithium-ion batteries are not cheap and are usually one of the most costly components for your E-bike. They often can cost over $500 to replace. here are some quick hints for electric bike lithium-ion battery care.

1. Avoid charging your battery quickly.

Generally using 1 hour to quickly charge will lower the general lifetime of your battery. if you still need to quick charge at least get a first-class programmable charger.

2. Do not fully discharge your battery.

This may decrease the capacity of the battery and decrease its average lifetime.

3. Do not let your battery absolutely discharge for an extended period of time.

Batteries like to be used often and charged. Keeping a battery dead for an extended period of time makes the battery in a lay man’s term lazy. The internal battery regulator needs a slight charge to do its job and if the battery is totally dead the regulator wouldn’t work and the battery may not charge.

4. Do not keep your battery absolutely charged for an extended period of time.

Always keeping battery fully charged will lessen the batteries lifetime.

5. Do now not overheat your battery.

Batteries should be stored at a mild temperature for optimum charge.
Batteries kept below a certain temperature will have reduced battery strength and the same is true when a battery gets too hot. Keep away from parking your E-motorbike in direct sunlight on hot days.

6. Use approximately 80% of the batteries rate before recharging.

Constantly charging your battery and keeping it fully charged isn’t always the best.

If you can go back and forth to work on a single charge then do not charge your E-bike at work. Rather charge your bike when you get home when the battery has decreased to 10, 20%. This will maximize the general life of the battery.

7. Don’t drop the battery.

The battery is generally quite heavy and is housed in a plastic casing. Dropping a battery can severely damage or wreck it. Be sure your bike does not fall over and if you have your battery on your backpack, handle it with care.

8. Shield your battery from thieves and do not leave it behind.

Not only is the battery the most expensive component in your electric bike, the battery can be be easily removed. Unfortunately thieves know this as well so the best practice is to carry your battery along with you and not leave it on your bike.

E-bike battery do have locks but this does not slow down thieves.

Unfortunately many electric bike manufacturers use the same lock on all their batteries and the same key can unlock batteries on different bikes. A new key can be received very easily and you can bet thieves know this as well.

9. Never keep the battery with an empty or low charge.

A battery is a little bit like a muscle. The molecules will get lazy if not recharged. A battery left definitely dead for a long period of time will dramatically reduce the overall life and running time.

It may likely no longer charge at all. Many bike stores owners say people come in with dead batteries all the time because of bad storage practices.

Avoid storing your battery at extreme temperatures. while charging your battery be sure you’re in an open vented area at a mild temperature. Overheating can cause the charger to overheat and likely begin a fire.

Do not just leave your charger hooked up to the battery for lengthy durations of time.

Many chargers have auto shut off but if the charger remains connected, the battery may certainly lose some power, and the charger will kick in and charge the battery to 100%.

This continual charging will shorten the range of your bike.

You may need to get the most out of your batteries lifespan because substitute batteries are expensive. Regular usage guarantees the best lifespan of your battery.

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