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Everything you need to know….

With the recent increase in climate change related catastrophes, the need do our bit to reduce fossil fuel pollution has never been more important, and simply choosing to travel by ebike instead of car when possible is one of the most effective and easiest contributions we can make on a personal level.

However, being the second largest country in the world, the reality of just swapping your car for an ebike in Canada isn’t necessarily viable, and for many forking out for an ebike on top of a car is equally challenging, particularly for younger people with lower incomes. Couple that with the need to spend enough money to get a good enough ebike to last you for years to come, and suddenly the whole “just start riding ebikes instead of cars” thing is much easier said than done.

Fortunately though, it’s all just become a whole lot easier. As of this month, one of Canada’s best known eco-conscious financial institutions Vancity have decided to put their money where their mouth is, launching a new loan scheme designed to help make it easier for Canadians just like you to buy an ebike. At just 1% above prime, funding anything from $1500 upwards for up to 5 years, it’s a golden opportunity to say the least.

Interested? Just follow these simple steps…

Step 1:

Choose Your Ebike

If you haven’t already, decide which ebike model is right for you.

Step 2:

Book Your Free Ebike Test Ride & Consultation

Remember to tell us you’re applying for Vancity’s ebike loan and we’ll give you a free Ebike accessories gift worth $50.

Step 3:

Apply For Your Loan

As soon as you know which ebike is right for you and what size loan you’ll need, it’s time to let Vancity help you with the rest.