Giant Predicts 600,000 E-Bike Sales This Year

Giant, one of the largest e-bike manufacturers in the world, has gone on the record, saying they predict to sell 600,000 e-bikes by the end of 2019.  Compare this to the previous year, where they sold 385,000 e-bikes.  This represents a 56% year over year growth.

600,000 e-bikes is a staggeringly large number of e-bikes, and proof that the methods and modes of transportation are changing, and changing fast.

Giant has invested 48 million Euro into opening a new factory in Hungary, with the intention to better serve the fast growing European market.

E-Bike Sales are Soaring

E-bikes sales are not only increasing, they are increasing at a time when all other types of bikes are decreasing in sales.  Regular bikes (i.e. ones with out electric motors / pedal assist) are in decline, while e-bike companies, like Giant, are growing, and growing fast.

Giant E Bike

Whether it is because people are buying e-bikes instead of cars / trucks, or they are opting for them instead of a second vehicle – e-bikes are taking over the world of transportation and will only continue to do so as the underlying technology continues to improve over time.


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