How To: Patch a Bike Tire

Step 1: Separate the flat inner tube from the tire.

Step 2: Attach the tube to the bike pump.

Step 3: Pump up the tire till it’s full.

Step 4: Listen for the noise of air escaping of the tube. Bring it near to your ear to help.

Step 5: Cover the hole with a thumb, detach the pump, and let all the air out the tube by pushing down on the valve stem.

Step 6: Use a sandpaper and lightly sand a zone around the leak bigger than the patch.

Step 7: The leak area must be wiped clean.

Step 8: Cover the sanded zone with glue.

Step 9: Let the glue to dry for about five minutes.

Step 10: Separate the patch from the backing and place it directly onto the tube, squeezing it firmly into the glue.

Step 11: Remove the cellophane cover from the patch, and that’s it.


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