How To Perform Basic Cycling Maintenance

These tips require a few basic tools:

  • An allen wrench set or multitool,
  • A bike lube,
  • A degreaser,
  • Rags,
  • Brushes.

Basic cycle maintenance

Keep your bike inside; avoid storing it outside. Rain, moisture, and dirt cause your parts to wear quicker and cost you more in repairs and service.
Bicycles ridden in rain and/or off-road typically require more frequent and extensive service.

If you are a frequent commuter or distance rider, you may find that your bike needs service more often. (Probably because you’re having more fun. Nice work!)

If your bike has been crashed, or you purchased a used bike, we recommend bringing it in for a thorough check-up to ensure that it is functioning properly and safely. We are always happy to take a look at your bike – all estimates are free.
Check tire pressure.

If it’s low (if the tire feels squishy), fill to the correct PSI – which is listed on side of your tire.

Glance over the tire tread on both tires for embedded debris, to avoid getting a flat.

If you have quick release parts (such as wheels or seat posts), check that they are tight and that the wheels are secure.

Spin wheels to check for wobbles. If the wheel wobbles, this indicates that you need to have your wheel turned.

Squeeze brakes to make sure they’re grabbing and that the pads touch the rims, not the tires.

If you have a mountain bike, push down on and release the suspension to be sure that it’s responding properly.

Look over the bike chain. Add chain lube if it looks dry.

Make sure you are prepared with tools (spare tube and/or patch kit, tire levers, pump), in case you get a flat while riding. (Or that you know where your closest bike shop is).

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