Electric Bike on a trail

How To Repair Common E-Bike Problems On The Trail

In this video, we discuss how to repair common bicycle problems on the trail.

Step 1 – Carry supplies. Tire repair kit, adjustable wrench, bike pump, oil, chain tool, spoke wrench, and a set of allen wrenches (hex keys). This will help you repair your bike on the road.

Step 2 – To fix a flat tire, use tire levers from the repair kit to get the tube out, re-inflate and patch the hole in the tube. Before putting the tube back in, check if for sharp objects.

Step 3 – loosen your break pads and re-align them with the wrench. If the cables are slack, tighten them.

Step 4 – Check the wheel immediately as it spins. To determine where it is rubbing (if it is rubbing).

Step 5 – Spin the pedals while using oil on the chain. If the chain is damaged, use the chain tool to squeeze out the pin. Remove the broken link, and reconnect it to the next one.

Step 6 – Tighten the bolts which holds the pedal cranks on.

Step 7 – Check the condition of the cables and derailleurs.

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