Lithium or Lead? Which E-Bike Battery Is Best For You

Pros and Cons of Lithium and Lead Batteries for E-Bikes

In this video – we discuss electric bicycle batteries. In particular, lithium vs. lead batteries. Batteries are arguably the most important aspect to an e-bike.

Battery capacity is going to determine fast you go, how much effort you will be required to expend, and how much you may enjoy your ride.

Without a good electric bike battery, you won’t get a long way. E bike battery technology is constantly changing and improving, so it is difficult to know what battery is best, given your needs.

Lithium batteries have a significantly longer life than lead-acid batteries. Better yet, it is good to buy a bike that has a high quality battery.
Lead acid batteries are larger, heavier, and do not last as long. They are also more difficult to mount on your e-bike, given their dimensions and weight.

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