E-Bike Canada News

Saanich offering up to $1,600 in e-bike rebates in new pilot program

October 16, 2021/by webmaster

Ebike Canada Sparks Bidding War At Local Charity Auction

October 7, 2021/by webmaster

How Ebikes Are Changing People’s Lives And The Planet For The Better

September 23, 2021/by webmaster

Are Ebikes Eco-Friendly?

September 22, 2021/by webmaster

Ebike Financing with Vancity – Ride Now Pay Later

August 30, 2021/by webmaster

A Happy Couple From Tsawwassen With Their New Rides

August 17, 2021/by webmaster

Ebike Canada In The Papers Again

August 9, 2021/by webmaster

See Why This Customer Loves DJ Bikes

August 2, 2021/by webmaster

4 Reasons Why E-Bikes Are Great for Seniors

July 20, 2021/by webmaster

5 Tips for Seniors on Riding E-bikes

July 15, 2021/by webmaster

Ebike Canada Himiway All Terrain Step Thru Has Arrived

July 10, 2021/by webmaster

Ebike Canada Folding Ebikes Are Now In Stock

July 10, 2021/by webmaster

The Health Benefits of Ebikes Discussed in today’s Vancouver Sun

June 7, 2021/by webmaster

Welcome to the Growing Ebike Canada Family of Happy Owners & Riders

June 7, 2021/by webmaster

English Master Brewer Takes Delivery of his New DJ Fat Bike on Vancouver Island

May 30, 2021/by webmaster

What A Week!

May 23, 2021/by webmaster

E-Bike Canada’s Showroom Is Finally For Real

May 15, 2021/by webmaster

Why ENVO D35 is Among the Best eBikes in Canada

May 10, 2021/by webmaster

E-Bike Canada’s New Showroom In The Press

May 7, 2021/by webmaster

DJ Bikes Officially One Of Canada’s Top 50 Startups

May 5, 2021/by webmaster

ENVO D35 Review By Legendary Canadian Bike Engineer Paul Brodie

April 26, 2021/by webmaster

BC Government Is Eliminating 7% Sales Tax on E-bikes

April 23, 2021/by webmaster

Riding Safety & Courtesy Training For E-Bikes In Canada

April 22, 2021/by webmaster

The ENVO ST Is Finally Here!

April 20, 2021/by webmaster

Canadian E-Bike Innovation From Our New Partners ENVO

April 16, 2021/by webmaster

Manta 5 Hydrofoil E-Bike – First Of Its Kind

January 8, 2020/by theelectricbike

Safety First: Panasonic Achieves Industry’s First E-Bike Certification

January 6, 2020/by theelectricbike

Do you Own a Boat? Here’s Why You Need a Foldable E-Bike

January 2, 2020/by theelectricbike

Are E-Bikes Illegal to Use in New York?

December 28, 2019/by theelectricbike

Lyft Bikes Return to San Francisco – With 4,000 E-Bikes

December 28, 2019/by theelectricbike

A Recap of Deloitte TMT’s Predictions for E-Bikes

December 23, 2019/by theelectricbike

Why are E-Bikes Better than Regular Bikes?

December 20, 2019/by theelectricbike

Segway X260 and X160 E-Bike – Overview

December 19, 2019/by theelectricbike

How To Repair Common E-Bike Problems On The Trail

December 17, 2019/by theelectricbike

E-Bikes & E-Scooters Booming In Calgary

December 16, 2019/by theelectricbike

Wheels Shareable E-Bikes, Now Come With A Helmet

December 11, 2019/by theelectricbike

Xioami – Introduces Next Gen Qi Cycle E-Bike – Only $425

December 5, 2019/by theelectricbike

E-Bike Insurance – Do You Need It?

December 5, 2019/by theelectricbike

Giant Predicts 600,000 E-Bike Sales This Year

December 4, 2019/by theelectricbike

5,000 E-Bikes coming to D.C. in 2020

December 4, 2019/by theelectricbike

Mississauga Considering Potential E-Bike Sharing Program

November 27, 2019/by theelectricbike

Brussels E-Bike Company – Cowboy – Now Selling In Italy, Spain, UK

November 27, 2019/by theelectricbike

Citi Bike Brings Back E-Bikes To New York & San Francisco

November 25, 2019/by theelectricbike

Uber’s New E-Bikes Might Be More Popular Than Their Cars

November 17, 2019/by theelectricbike

Segway Launches 2 New Dirt E-Bikes – X160 & X260

November 7, 2019/by theelectricbike