Safety First: Panasonic Achieves Industry’s First E-Bike Certification

New E Bike standard for North America published in early 2020

Panasonic announced that its e-bike system is the first in North America to receive the new e-bike safety certification – UL 2849 from Underwriters Laboratory aka UL.

According to Panasonic, they worked very closely with UL to develop this certification.

The systems’ battery packs and motors met the rigorous testing conducted by UL that encompassed mechanical, electrical and functional safety tests.

This bi-national standard is published by Underwriters Laboratories.

Panasonic E Bikes

About Panasonic:  Panasonic is an eBike manufacturer for over 23 years.

panasonic e bike

Panasonic has been at the forefront of mobility, powering electric-assist bicycles with compact batteries, high-performance motors, and inspired and innovative engineering.

About Underwriter Laboratories (UL)

UL 2849

UL evaluated the Panasonic e-bike’s product design and tested per the test requirements of ANSI/CAN/UL 2849, which addresses the battery system, charging system, electric motors and other electrical parts. Evaluation, testing and certification to UL 2849 by UL aims to minimize risks from e-bike system fires or explosions, such as lithium battery thermal runaway, as well as electric shock hazards. The program certification program includes:

  • Product design review requires robust evaluations of the battery system, charger system, battery protective circuitry, system protective circuitry, electrical drive train system and variations in the system combinations per the consensus requirements of UL 2849.
  • Electrical, environmental, functional and mechanical safety testing per the test clauses of UL 2849 in order to minimize the risk of fire and electric shock of the e-bike product.
  • The UL 2849 certification program does not evaluate for the operator’s ability to maintain control while riding and remains focused on system safety for fire, explosions and electric shock.

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