Removing Your Bicycle Crankset

First of all, shift the chain to the largest chain ring. This helps protect hands from the chain ring teeth. Then you remove the crank bolt or nut by turning counter-clockwise. If no bolt is visible, remove dust caps. Some caps pry out and some thread out.

Secondly, remove any washers inside the crank that were below the bolt or nut. Inspect the crank bolt and select correct tool. Cranks with M8 crank bolts use the CCP-22 or CWP-7 with small tip. Larger M12 or M14 bolts use the CCP-44 or CWP-7 with the larger tip.

Thirdly, turn the threaded coupler of the puller until it sits recessed in the hex fitting of the tool, be careful not to cross the thread. This permits the full engagement of the 22mm thread into arm. Then you thread the spindle driver of puller into the arm. The 22mm thread fitting must be fully threaded into the arm before pulling it. If the spindle driver is not completely threaded and engaged into the crank arm, the threads of the arm or nut may be damaged.

Turn the spindle driver clockwise. When the driver meets the spindle, resistance will be felt. Continue threading the driver into the puller until the crank is removed.

Finally unthread the crank puller tool from the crank. Be careful so as not to not to skin knuckles when removing the tool then you repeat process on the other side.

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