The ENVO ST is the perfect Step-Thru electric bike engineered in Canada for North American riders. This is part of the 3rd generation of ENVO electric bikes, originally designed by Ali Kazemkhani, Founder of ENVO Drive Systems.

After launching ENVO D35 in late 2018, many ENVO dealers across Canada brought up the idea of ENVO ST as a high-demand electric bike among their customers. The senior community and any cyclist who is looking for a more comfort style E-bike with easy get-on-get-off would be a potential buyer for this model – and they are traditionally very popular among female riders. Now with all built-in features, offered advantages, and backed by customer support and anticipation of ENVO ebikes, the mission has been accomplished. Such a stylish, modern, and cool step-thru electric bike with a reasonable price of C$2798 (2156USD) is now accessible.

The ENVO Step-Thru Project

The project was initiated in early summer 2019, with a targeted launch of spring 2020. However, COVID delayed the process resulting in the first production batch to be assembled in late August 2020, and delivered to the first buyers, some of whom have waited since early April for their brand-new electric bicycle, offered in two beautiful colours (Pearl White, or Jungle Green).

ENVO ST shares a common platform with the ENVO D35, with all the benefits of shared and replaceable components, as well as DIY maintenance and repair.

Other than frame, seat, handlebar and stem, all other components are the same in the ENVO ST and the D35, so the top-notch features and detailed support on ENVO D35 will also be available in ENVO ST.

Like ENVO D35, ENVO ST is using 27.5” by 1.95” tires. ENVO Step-Thru is a comfortable urban and trail e-bike in two sizes: 16” (5’ 2” and up) and 19” (5’ 6” and up).