Top 5 Recommended E-Bike Conversion Kits

Thinking of turning your regular bike into a supercharged E-Bike? Here’s our pick of the best conversion kits available.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits

E-bikes offer speed, better control and a host of benefits that any cyclist would appreciate. But not every cyclist can afford an e-bike or justify spending a significant amount of money on one. For anyone in the two categories above, there’s another option. You can invest in an e-bike conversion kit and turn your regular bicycle into a supercharged e-bike.

These conversion kits contain all the parts you need to electrify any bike. Using them, anyone can build anything from their own road e-bike to their mountain e-bike. However, the type of e-bike conversion kit you buy matters. The first point of difference is that there are three types of e-bike motors for three different adaptations. They include:

Front-wheel motors

front wheel motor conversion kitThis is a simple adaptation where the motor is placed in the first wheel of the bicycle. This option provides some balance as it holds the weight of the battery in the front, while the rear wheel holds the weight of the rider and other items in the back.

If you lift the front end of your bike often (e.g. to get past a curb), consider the weight implication before choosing a front-wheel kit.

Mid-drive motors

mid drive electric conversion kitThe mid-drive motor supports the bicycle’s tires and gear. It is usually installed in the middle of the bike. This option offers better balance as both wheels are equally weighted. This system is a bit more complicated, so it may be more expensive and require some head-scratching to completely install.

Rear-wheel motors

It’s similar to the front-wheel setup, but this time, the motor is in the back. There’s also some advantage to keeping all the weight located in one area, i.e., motor + human weight. This option generally looks better as the motor is hidden within the wheel. Before making this choice, ensure that your bike can handle the additional weight.

Next, e-bike conversion kits range in quality. Some have great reviews, while others have been questioned by the biking community. It’s important to invest in a high-quality kit to ensure that you enjoy the long-term benefits of electrifying your bike. To guide you towards making a good choice, here are our top five recommended e-bike conversion kits.

5 Recommended E-Bike Conversion Kits

Front-wheel motors

1).  VoilaMart 26” Wheel 48V 1000W

VOILAMART ELECTRIC BICYCLE KIT 26VoilaMart is a community – favourite brand in many ways. It is known for its strong batteries and great-quality parts. Although the motor is 48V 1000W, it can be reduced to 750W and lower to fit electric biking laws in your region.


  • 11.6 Ah lithium-ion battery capacity which will last for a significant distance.
  • Pedal-assistance allows for better control.
  • Both twist throttle and brake levers can be used to cut off the motor safely.
  • Affordable price.


  • The kit does not include a battery. You will have to buy a battery separately.

2).  AW Front Wheel Kit

This wheel is available in both 24” and 26”. It offers a 1000W battery capacity with a motor that can take you up to 48 mph within seconds. The motor contains a pedal-assisted system, which is the legal requirement for e-bikes in many regions.


  • Motor controller and LED indicators to provide full awareness and control over your bike at all times.
  • The motor creates nothing more than a gentle hum so you do not contribute to noise pollution.
  • Twist throttle and brake lever to cut off power.


  • A battery is not included in the kit.

Mid-drive motors

3.  Bafang 8 Fun

Mid-drive kits are usually expensive, and Bafang 8 Fun is no exception. The good news is, this kit and its benefits are worth the price if you can afford it. Motor specifications are 48v / 1000w / 470rpm.

This system is ideal for challenges and can take a steep, rocky ride easily. If you’re looking to upgrade that bike that you pull out for the adventurous trips, this is your winner.


  • All components are waterproof.
  • Pedal assisted and throttle working modes available.
  • LCD monitor to show battery percentage, mileage, and more.
  • Tracking system available.
  • Manufacturer can provide a custom twist throttle (instead of the default push option) by demand.
  • Battery is included in the kit.


  • For its price, battery power could have been better.

Rear-wheel motors

4.  AW 48V 1000W

This kit offers an aluminum wheel, a tire, a controller, and several other essential parts. This is one of the most affordable options on the market and it offers good quality.

Its specifications include 48V and 1000W with a motor rotation of 470rpm. With this support, you can travel easily for miles. The brand promises a motor efficiency of 80% which is worth the price.


  • Powerful motor at an affordable price.
  • Requires no chains or gears, so there are no friction-sensitive parts to maintain.
  • The motor controller offers dual mode support.


  • The kit does not include a battery.

5.  Voilamart 26-inch Rear Wheel Kit

This Voilamart kit offers some of the best value on the market at a great price. It involves all the components you need for a powerful rear-wheel motor that will last a while.

The battery specifications are similar to other market offers; 48V 1000W and 250W. By pushing a button, the rider can switch between 1000W and 250W power modes.


  • LED display to show battery level and pedal-assistance
  • Provides a 5-level intelligent pedal assist and twist throttle support system.
  • Power supply can be cut off using brake levers.
  • Push (button) to start system.


  • Battery not included in the kit.


Using any of these e-bike conversion kits, you can upgrade your regular bike to an e-bike within two hours. Your final choice should depend on your personal needs and budget. Also, consider the implications of placing your battery on the front, middle, or end sections of your bicycle. Choose an option that integrates well with your everyday cycling activities.

The brands above provide sets of instructions to help you with the installation process. If that’s not enough, you can also turn to online biking communities for help. There are countless YouTube video guides from enthusiastic, helpful members showing step-by-step guides to using different e-bike conversion kits.

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