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This high performance electric mountain bike, complete with 500W Motor and 48V Samsung Battery provides a safe and affordable ride for everyone.

About Whee Ebikes

Whether you are conquering the terrain or enjoying a bike trip with your partner and friends, you can always rely on the Whe-eBike.

Whee Ebike is equipped with a 500W Bafang Motor and a Samsung 48V13.4ah Battery allowing you to travel through any terrain even the toughest hill from A to B and B to A.

With IP56 dust and water-resistant wiring, you will be able ride in the toughest weather and environment.

Enjoy Your Ride

British Columbia is embraced by water, mountain with yearly temperature averaging between 0 – 30. It is a heaven for outdoor activities. WHEE SPORTS is found in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our mission is to help people rediscover the nature through leisure activities.

WHEE SPORTS product line offers a series of high-quality products under an affordable budget even under the pressure of inflation. Life should be adventurous, it should be much more than just our laptop and smartphone.

Our Story

Canada is a loving and promising country. For everyone who spend time and work hard, they will be rewarded. Sometimes, we would overwork ourselves thus miss the opportunity to spend time with our kids, parents and friends. Bond can only be created or maintained thru time. Bonding is the what WHEE wants to bring to the community just like when our kids would yell “wheeeee~“ on their first ride downhill, our friends on their way down the roller coaster. We wish everybody can embrace the outdoor lifestyle and create more memorable moments.

WHEE’s philosophy is to make the most reliable products. Form design to production, Whee sports has spend countless times of “polishing”. Even product undergoes a design, prototype, testing. We would iterate these until we are satisfied. We want to create the bond with our customer. We want the customer to feel they are being taken care of just like a family would.

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