Why ENVO D35 is Among the Best eBikes in Canada


Our friends at EbikeBC break down the many reasons why if you’re after the best Canadian e-bike at the best price, the Envo D35 is such a great investment.

In our previous blog, our team introduced a scoring parameter template that encompassed 14 various categories that would assist our readers in comparing the different and best electric bike Canada. However, we understand that it may still be difficult for readers to evaluate electric bikes without having done so before. Therefore, we have decided to show readers how they may go about scoring the best e-bikes by utilizing a real-life example with the ENVO D35. This would clarify more on why we think ENVO D35 is one of the best electric bikes in Canada for 2021. Let’s begin with the evaluation.


Style & Design

We are going to start with the style and design of the ENVO D35 today. At first glance, you will notice that the bike is both stylish and sleek without comprising the design’s overall simplicity. The bike itself is made of hydroformed, thin-walled fat aluminum tubes with 27.5″ x 1.95″ tires. Riders choose between two prestigious colors: aquatic galactic blue or an ice teal, which elevates the overall aesthetic experience.

The ENVO D35 would get a perfect score for its stylish frame; however we reserve 100/100 score for other brands who have begun releasing cool concepts, such as Harley Davidson.

Score 90/100.

Ergonomics / Comfort / Adjustability

In terms of ergonomics, we believe this element is completely personalized to each rider’s unique expectations. Therefore, we can only evaluate if the e-bike design has enough features and adjustability options to adapt the bike to the rider based on their body type and their proposed bike usage.

The ENVO D35 is equipped with a seat adjustable by up to 3 degrees of freedom and a handlebar that is adjustable up to 2 degrees of freedom. It also has an adjustable suspension at the front of the bike and a suspension seat post. This allows users to sit fully upright or in a downhill seating posture depending on their preference, which provides more comfort for the rider.

Furthermore, the bike comes equipped with 27.5” x 1.95″ thick wheels to minimize road vibration with minimal noise and drag. Additionally, the hydraulic disc brake levers can be operated with your finger with minimal effort.

The seat’s overall design is relatively more extensive than other bike seats, and it is remarkably padded to allow riders to use the bike for hours comfortably. The pre-load adjustable suspension fork and the seat suspension on the post of the bike also provides more comfort for the rider as it will absorb any bumps in the road for a smoother ride.

Score 90/100.

Performance / Torque

This e-bike has a maximum 500W mechanical power with a top speed of 32km/hour, which is quite common amongst the best electric bikes in Canada on the market. However, what does stand out to us is the 60Nm peak torque, which is way above average for street legal electric bikes. Many other electric bike companies have released bikes with higher torques. However, they have had to sacrifice the bike’s overall weight to do so.

Score 80/100.

Range & Efficiency

Moving onto the bike’s range and efficiency parameters, the ENVO D35 is powered using a 36V 12.8Ah battery pack that offers 460Wh of energy, which is very favorable as the weight of the battery itself is only 2.5kg. However, in terms of battery capacity, we would consider this bike battery to be average as other bike batteries on the market that are advertised up to 760Wh.

Nonetheless, the ENVO D35, is a very light-weight and efficient bike. The bike only requires 100W to cruise at 25km/h without pedaling on a flat surface. Additionally, utilizing 90% of the battery SOC more than a 100km range can be met without pedaling. Users will also get 50km of high-performance cycling with a 4 to 5 level assist with this e-bike and a 150km low performance with a level 1 to 2 help. Both of which will last you throughout the day on a single charge without any problem.

Score 80/100.

Controls & Monitoring

The ENVO D35 is equipped with a premium color TFT display that providers riders with access to parameter settings, monitoring, visualization, and self-diagnostics. This allows you to program your bike based on your local government regulations and safety requirements.

Additionally, this electric bike features a power on demand throttle with enhanced pedal-assist technology and torque emulating software. The PAS cadence sensor tracks the degree of the road or slope. It will translate the data into the necessary pedaling assistance force. However, some riders may prefer the torque-sensing PAS over the cadence senor. Nonetheless, the pedal assist is very responsive. The soft acceleration option from a full stop allows the bike to be safe for all users.

Score 90/100.

Component Grade

As a result of the pandemic, ENVO was forced to switch between brands of components. However, the company still managed to maintain the quality grade of each brand. For example, Shimano Altus shifted to Sram X4 transmission or Tektro hydraulic disk brake system HD-E350 to Zoom HB 875-E with 180mm rotor. Quality of fork, tire, seat, stem, etc. to be taken into account in this section.

Score 80/100.

Braking Performance

The ENVO D35 is the lightest in its class, with an elite-grade hydraulic disc brake system and a 180mm diameter rotor for both the rear and front wheels on a 1.95″ thickness. This ultimately makes the ENVO D35 the safest electric bike in terms of braking performance.

Score 100/100.


Moving on to the weight, as we mentioned previously, the ENVO D35 was designed to be a light-weight bicycle with the added boost of electric components. It has a light-weight alloy frame with a high torque density hub motor and high energy density light battery pack. Thus, making the ENVO D35 only 22.5kg (49lbs.) What is even more exciting is that this final weight includes the battery pack, the rear rack, fenders, and all other accessories. At the same time, maintain an ideal weight that is under 50lbs. This ultimately makes ENVO D35 among the best electric bikes in Canada and one of the lightest in its class in 2021. Additionally, this makes ENVO D35 on top of our best step through electric bikes list for 2021.

Score 90/100.

Serviceability / Spare Parts / Cost

Overall, the ENVO D35 was designed to be maintained by the rider with ease. This bike’s mechanical and structural components are all industry-standard parts that are available off the shelf at almost every store and are reasonably priced compared to competitors on the market. All ENVO electric components, including the motor, sensors, battery, controller, and display, are modular and easily accessible, and replaceable on the bike itself as well. Additionally, the interface module has self-diagnostics that display error codes should any failures occur. With all provided manuals and video, the e-bikes are designed to be maintained DIY. Spare parts are easy to find and available online at a reasonable cost.

At its core, ENVO sales and service rates 5-stars in terms of their customer service, and they are always there to assist you with your questions or concerns whenever you may need them.

Score 100/100.

Access to Services Centres

While we are on serviceability, ENVO is available through multiple online sales channels in North America. Still, unlike other direct to consumer electric bike brands, ENVO offers dealership packages to local businesses. Sharing business with local electric bike shops is one of the best value propositions of ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC. Hence, over 60 dealers across Canada can offer sales and services of the best ebikes.

Score 70/100.

Accessories Available / Included

The ENVO D35 comes practically fully loaded with all standard bike accessories, including a rear rack, fenders, lights, bell, and kickstand, moving onto the accessories that are available for purchase and included in the purchase. However, riders will need to purchase mechanical and electrical toolsets, panniers, helmets, and other accessories online. Nonetheless, the ENVO D35 is compatible with all other standard bicycle accessories on the market.

Score 80/100.

Transportability & Storage

Unfortunately, the bike is neither foldable nor compact in terms of its size. However, as it is very light-weight, you will easily hang it vertically on a bicycle wall mount, car, or transit bike rack. You can also remove the battery for storage, which will make the bike just under 20kg.

Score 70/100.

Transmission Reliability

The ENVO D35 utilizes a well-engineered gear hub motor that is equipped with high-grade bearings and shaft seals. Precise nylon gears, top-quality magnets, an iron core, and copper. This motor does not heat up during prolonged usage and is very reliable and efficient. Riders are guaranteed that this motor will not lose its performance standard for years as the motor mechanical defect rate is close to zero. The electrical failure reported in the last five years was less than 0.5%.

Further, the gear hub’s clutch system allows riders to ride back home safely as a regular bike with no drag in the event that there should be an electric system failure. Additionally, if the bike chain or transmission fails, you will still be able to ride back home using the hub motor. Both these features are not available in crank driven ebikes.

Score 100/100.


The last parameter that we will be discussing during our example today is the price. The ENVO D35 retail price is C$2798, which is not considered cheap. However, you will be getting the best value for this price, considering the vast array of features you will be getting when purchasing this ebike.

Score 70/100.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of parameters that you must review before purchasing the best Canadian electric bike on the market. Hopefully, once you have read through our review of one of the best e-bikes available, you will have a better sense of how to conduct an evaluation using our parameter outline that we revealed in last blog.

Total Score: 85/100

You can find out more about the wonders of the Envo D35, or order yourself one with free assembly and local delivery HERE

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