The Aventon Soltera.2 Ebike Is Here: Feat Swift Mode, Torque Sensor & more

Aventon Soltera 2 Canada

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. Get into the groove with Soltera.2 and make moves on your daily commutes around the city. It’s the same lightweight frame you’ve come to love from its predecessor plus all-new tech and a torque sensor that will elevate the way you cut corners and breeze past traffic. Soltera.2 […]

Our Canadian Designed Enclosed Electric Mobility Car Is Proving a Hit

We’ve been putting our brand new enclosed electric mobility scooter to the test around the roads and trails of Ladner and Delta, British Columbia and glad to report that it’s an absolute hit all round. As well as attracting some great compliments from passers by, the Cool eCar is also proving to be a hit […]

NEW: Enclosed Electric Mobility Scooter for Canadian Terrain & Weather

Chris proudly driving our new Cool eCar, the best Enclosed Electric Mobility Scooter Canada

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that our first ever Enclosed Electric Mobility Scooter Canada has arrived! Now available for test rides at our Delta Showroom in Vancouver. No driving license, registration or insurance needed That’s right, if you live in Canada you don’t need a driving license, registration or insurance to drive […]

Best Ebike SUV for Senior Citizens

Guest post from our friends at Magicycle. Some e-bike fans picture senior citizens as elderly and timid bike riders, traveling only on streets or paved bike lanes. That may have been partially true 20 years ago, but it is certainly not the case today. Seniors are riding all types of e-bikes, and a large percentage […]

Meet the Multipurpose Full Suspension Ebike SUV

Meet the Multipurpose Full Suspension Ebike SUV 2

Guest post from our friends at Magicycle. There are many benefits to selecting a fat tire e-bike that is capable safe and comfortable riding on various types of terrain. The Magicycle Deer ESUV is exactly this sort of e-bike. To make it an easy choice, the Deer is a quality-built ESUV available at very consumer-friendly […]

Ebike SUV – Unleash Your Adventurous Side with Magicycle Deer

Guest post from our friends at Magicycle. Are you an adventure enthusiast? Do you love exploring new terrains and pushing your limits? If yes, then the Magicycle Deer Fat Tire Ebike is just what you need. With its powerful motor and full suspension system, it can handle any terrain with ease, giving you the ultimate […]

Meet Abound: Aventon’s First Ever Cargo Ebike!

electric cargo bikes

Guest post from our friends at Aventon. Aventon is proud to present its first ever cargo ebike, Abound! This multipurpose freighter is the perfect companion to assist in doing the heavy lifting as you transport your goods wherever you go. Equipped with all-new features, including a torque sensor, Abound makes riding around town feel as […]

Meet The Man Who Rode 8800 Miles On His Himiway Cruiser Ebike

Guest post from our friends at Himiway. The Himiway Cruiser e-bike is a thrill-seeker’s dream. This cutting-edge electric bike has all the power and performance required to handle any terrain you may encounter. The Himiway Cruiser is the ideal travel partner for your next journey, whether gliding over city streets or navigating challenging mountain routes. […]

Riding With The Loved One On Himiway’s Cruiser If you want to have a wonderful bike trip with your family or friends, the Himiway Cruiser All Terrain Fat Tire Ebike is for you. Also available as a Step Through. Find out more

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